Terms and Conditions

As a student of Classfix Academy Coaching and research Institute one must follow the rules and regulation of Classfix Academy. If you are taking any services from Classfix Academy you are liable to obey the rules followed by Classfix Academy. The Rules and Regulations are come into force from 01/10/2023 and will be continued till next update.

  1. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of Classfix Academy at all times.
  2. Parents and guardians are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the education process by encouraging students and respecting our staff.
  3. Should a student cause any damage to the Centre’s property, parents or guardians are to be held responsible for compensation including full costs of repair
  4. Students of Classfix Academy have to polite with teachers, staff and students of Classfix Academy and can’t do any kind of misbehaved with them, If someone do so his or her candidature will be cancelled immediately and action will be taken as per law.
  5. No student of Classfix Academy can herm physical and intellectual property of Classfix Academy at any circumstances.
  6. No students have right to make any statement about Classfix Academy that may lead to herm public interest and dignity of Classfix Academy.
  7. Making unrealistic, unauthentic, irresponsible, antisocial publication at any platform is Strictly Prohibited.
  8. Take your financial decision carefully, Classfix Academy will not be responsible for any misconduct.
  9. Before taking admission to Classfix Academy make sure you are not forced by someone else or any 3rd party.
  10. Classfix Academy do not have any cancellation and refund policy at present.
  11. No one can share or republish the Study Metatrails of Classfix Academy at any platform, if someone do so legal action will be taken as per law.
  12. Classfix Academy never support any kind of antisocial activities, therefore students of Classfix Academy must avoid such activities, if someone do so his or her candidature will be cancelled.


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