Current Affairs, November 2023


1. What is the theme of ‘Vigilance Awareness Week 2023’ ? Ans – Say no to corruption, commit to the Nation
2. Which institution has mandated ‘penny drop’ verification for NPS fund withdrawal ? Ans – PFRDA
3. Which institute was tasked with the preparation of ‘Vision India @2047’ plan ? Ans – NITI Aayog
4. Which institute regulates the Cooperation banks in India ? Ans – RBI
5. As per the Annual Report on ‘Road Accidents in India – 2022, which state recorded the highest number of persons killed in road accidents ? Ans – Uttar Pradesh
6. Which is the first country to successfully sterilize and vaccinate its entire stray dog population ? Ans – Bhutan
7. PM Gastishakti reduces the preparation time of detailed project report (DPR) from six months to _ ? Ans – 15 days
8. Which state/UT has established fact-cheking unit (FCU), after Kerala and Karnataka ? Ans – Tamil Nadu
9. Which institution launched a Market Study on Cement sector in India ? Ans – Competition Commission of India
10. Cnemaspis rashidi is the name of which new episode discovered in the Western Ghats recently ? And – Gecko
11. India signed a MoU with gulf country to strengthen Education Ties ? Ans – UAE
12. ‘COSTA SERENA’, which was flagged off in India International Cruise Liner from which country ? Ans – Italy
13. Srihari Nataraj, who is seen in the news, is associated with which sports ? Ans – Swimming
14. Which Asian country announced to exit from Belt and Road Initiatives ? And – Philippines
15. Which country has the highest weighting on the MSCI Emerging Market Index (EM) ? Ans – China
16. Who is the first athlete to win the Fashion Icon award by Council of Fashion Designers of America ? Ans – Serena
17. Lampreys, which are seen in the news, belong to which species ? Ans – Fish
18. What is ‘Pralay’, which was recently flight tested ? Ans – Tactical Ballistic missile
19. Which term refers to warming of ocean surface in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean ? Ans – EI Nino
20. Which state legislative Assembly approved a legislation that increases the reservation for SC/ST/EBE and OBC from 50% to 65% ? Ans – Bihar
21. Which country is the host of ‘Conference of WOAH Regional Commission Asia and Pacific’ in 2023? Ans – India
22. As per a recent UN report, which region was ranked as World’s Worst Region for Water Scarcity? Ans – South Asia
23. Transporter-9 mission’ is associated with which country? Ans – USA
24. What is the expansion of PVTG, a category of Tribal group?
Ans – Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups
25. Billie Jean King Cup’ is associated with which sports? Ans – Tennis
26. Which country is associated with the “Rwanda plan”? Ans – UK
27. Naitwar Mori hydro-electric project is located in which state? Ans – Uttarakhand
28. Which organisation has introduced a roadmap to eliminate tuberculosis in Children? Ans – WHO
29. Who is the recipient of the first-ever Lifetime Disturbing the Peace Award”? Ans – Salman Rushdie
30. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized which condition as a grave global health threat? Ans – Loneliness
31. Kashmir saffron has bloomed for the first time in which state/UT in 2023? Ans – Kerala
32. Jannik Sinner, who has been in the news, is associated with which sports? Ans – Tennis
33. ‘Sarige Suraksha Insurance Scheme’ is implemented in which state/UT? Ans – Karnataka
34. Which state/UT received Geographical Indication tag for ‘Sea Buckthorn”? Ans – Ladakh
35. Article 163 and Article 200, which were seen in the news, is associated with which Constitutional position? Ans – Governor
36. Which state is the host of 11th edition of International Tourism Mart? Ans – Meghalaya
37. Which institution released the ‘Climate equality: A planet for the 99%’ report? Ans – Stockholm Environment Institute
38. Who is the first Indian woman to receive the ‘International Emmy Directorate Award? Ans – Ekta Kappor
39. Which country is the host of the ‘ASEAN-India Millet Festival 2023? Ans – Indonesia
40. Which organisation is associated with the first domestically developed Naval Anti-Ship Missile-Short Range (NASM-SR)? Ans – DRDO
41. Which country is the host of the ‘ASEAN-India Millet Festival 2023’? Ans – Indonesia
42. Vajra Prahar’ is the joint exercise between India and which country? Ans – USA
43. Which automobile company has announced investment of ₹ 3,300 crore to seup a new plant in Karnataka? Ans – Toyota Kirloskar Motors
44. Which country listed Lashkar-e-Taiba as a terror outfit? Ans – Israel
45. Where is the world’s first 3D-printed temple located in India? Ans – Telangana
46. Ariane 6 rocket was developed by which space agency? Ans – ESA
47. What is the theme of World Toilet Day 2023? Ans – Accelerating Change
48. World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed sexual transmission of mpox, or monkeypox, in which country? Ans – Congo
49. ‘Mahima Cult’ is a religious movement, which originated in which state? Ans – Odisha
50. As per a recent research by Person, Generative Al will have more impact on which type of jobs? Ans – White collared jobs

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